Cha the Dramaturg

My dramaturgy lives in the What If. It's playful. It complicates and investigates and interogates, but never simplifies. It's world-building and depth-seeking. It's fun, I promise.


Social isolation seems pretty conducive to new project development, and I find myself "committing acts of dramaturgy" almost daily. Some exciting projects I've helped out with lately:

Asfixia by Jorge Schultz (play - Spanish)

The Bear is Here by Greg Nanni (play)

The VENETIANS by Matthew Barbot (play)

American Retail by Carlotta Summers (pilot)

Untitled Series by Dominique Nieves (pilot)

Untitled Found Performance w/ Nick Fortugno

Photo by Craig Mungavin

"You have an authentic dramaturgical voice, and clearly and genuinely enjoy locating meaning in other people's work (necessary in a great dramaturg)."   -Stephen Wadsworth, director © 2020 by Cristina Ramos