Cha the Dramaturg

My dramaturgy lives in the What If. It's playful. It complicates and investigates and interogates, but never simplifies. It's world-building and depth-seeking. It's fun, I promise.


Social isolation seems pretty conducive to new project development, and I find myself "committing acts of dramaturgy" almost daily. Some exciting projects I've helped out with lately:

Asfixia by Jorge Schultz (play - Spanish)

The Bear is Here by Greg Nanni (play)

The VENETIANS by Matthew Barbot (play)

American Retail by Carlotta Summers (pilot)

Untitled Series by Dominique Nieves (pilot)

Untitled Found Performance w/ Nick Fortugno

From the play Loneliness by Greg Nanni: an actor sits on the floor surrounded by piles of clothes and a suitcase, another actor stands behind her between two chairs, watching

Photo by Craig Mungavin

"You have an authentic dramaturgical voice, and clearly and genuinely enjoy locating meaning in other people's work (necessary in a great dramaturg)."   -Stephen Wadsworth, director