Cha the Movement Designer

My movement work marries technical skill, embodied listening, and physical storytelling. It works in partnership, in heightened stakes, in the exploration of the human form, and in the primacy of consent in creativity. It comes in the forms of choreographed violence, intimacy, dance, and more.


I've made my Broadway debut!

I am currently working as the Associate Intimacy Director on COMPANY and Jagged Little Pill on Broadway, alongside Claire Warden.

More exciting projects are in the pipeline... stay tuned!

From Cabaret directed by Jonathan Seinen: a group of diverse actors and dancers clad in lace and leather harnesses move and writhe with determined looks on their faces in a wash of pink-blue lighting

From Cabaret, directed by Jonathan Seinen

Photo by Malloree Hill

"Through simple techniques and a no nonsense approach, Cha built moments that were compelling, immediate, and full of story."   -Jonathan Seinen, director

"I felt so calm and safe and not judgmental of myself in there. You are wonderful at this work."   -Molly Balk, actor