Cha the Instructor

My journey as an instructor is a direct result of my commitment to cross-disciplinary creative thinking.

I love developing enriching and engaging lesson plans around the intersections of all my artistic practices, and inviting fellow artists into new ways of thinking about their own creative processes.


I am currently working with Intimacy Directors and Coordinators as their Associate Curriculum Developer as well as an independent Teaching Artist, helping to develop and provide courses that are valuable to (and inclusive of) all artists.

I recently taught some classes at the ever-delightful Philadelphia Stage Combat Workshop, including my unique creations Salsa for Swordfighters and If These Swords Could Talk, an embodied dramaturgy class.


Photo by me!

"[Your class was] beautifully structured and full of insight and smart info, and all made so practical and helpful to theater artists!"   -John Dias, professor & artistic director