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Cha the Performer

Performance for me is a place of liberation, of empathy-building, of risk-taking, of joy-making, of radical autonomy paired with radical collaboration. It's a place of coming alive, together. 


I continue to galivant around Renaissance Faires with the illustrious Vixens en Gardea femme fight ensemble specializing in swords & Shakespeare. Follow my escapades as Brizo Isleña, buccaneer of the Spanish Caribbean, and occasional performer of the Bard!


Have you watched Queen's English?

I co-star as Jo in this hilarious and heartfelt web-series about LGBTQ+ 20-somethings trying their best! Episodes are bite-sized and all of Season 1 (and the start of Season 2!!!) is now available at the link above. 

From the webseries Queen's English: a diverse group of actors, including Cha, stand against a white background, smiling and laughing together

From Queen's English, Season 1

Photo by Kevin Bianchi

"You're an actor from head to toe."   -Joe Travers, fight director

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