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Cha the Wordsmith

I write in resonances and in communion. I write with love and humor and violence and intimacy.

I write from listening deeply to history and experience. I write to dance and sing and pray and play.


I was honored to have been selected for the the Catwalk Art Residency in Catskill, NY. I spent two beautiful weeks unearthing the beginnings of a one-person show about family, love, and the legends we tell about "unusual" women.


I'm in conversations with some lovely collaborators about my queer, Latine, theatrical excavation of the character Andromache called Like to the Gods.

My second full-length play, Fire Burn Them, was a finalist for the Roundabout @ Columbia New Play Reading Series.

A group of actors at music stands hold flowers, playwright Cha sits on a bench, all smile at a reading of Cha's play Fire Burn Them

From Fire Burn Them reading at Riverside Church

Photo by Theo Gabriel

"You're careful with words in a way that doesn't neutralize you.

It intensifies you."   -Leslie Ayazian, playwright

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